Varallo Brothers Bakery: A Sweet Tale of Tradition, Family, and Authentic Italian Flavors

In the picturesque town of Montella Avellino, Italy, where the air was always sweetened with the scent of freshly baked pastries, two young brothers, Michele and Giovanni Varallo, embarked on a culinary journey that would span continents. At the tender ages of 12 and 11, they apprenticed under the watchful eye of Antonio Scandone, mastering the delicate arts of baking, ice cream, and candy making. Their days began before sunrise, kneading dough and crafting sweets, embedding in them a profound respect for the art of baking.
In 1970, the Varallo family, led by their visionary father Berardino, voyaged to the United States, carrying with them dreams of prosperity and the rich culinary traditions of their homeland. Michele and Giovanni, despite being in a new world, continued to hone their craft, experimenting with the recipes that had been passed down through generations.

A Dream Baked into Reality

1981 marked a pivotal chapter in their story as the brothers, now seasoned bakers, realized their dream by inaugurating Varallo Brothers Bakery at Tenth and Morris Streets in Philadelphia. The bakery, or Pasticceria, was not merely a business; it was a vessel through which they shared their Italian heritage with their new community. Varallo Brothers swiftly became synonymous with authentic Italian pastries in Philadelphia, earning accolades including the coveted “Best of Philly” for their unparalleled pastries and homemade gelato.

Expanding Horizons with Varallo’s Cafe

In 1986, Michele expanded his culinary empire by opening Varallo’s Cafe, further entrenching their presence in the Philadelphia food scene. The cafe was not just a business expansion but a testament to their success and the unwavering quality of their offerings. The cafe was open for two years before closing to move back to his home of beautiful Italy. Michele, along with his wife and five children, opened a bakery in his hometown of Montella, Italy. They worked hard and learned some new skills but quickly realized their love and futures would be back in Philadelphia. They decided to return to Philadelphia and take over the bakery in 1990.

Family: The Secret Ingredient to Success

The Varallo Pasticceria was always more than a bakery; it was a family affair. The family, baking together, ensured that every pastry was a perfect blend of tradition and love.
Giovanni, discovered a new passion and ventured into the world of restaurants in 1991. His departure saw the arrival of a new generation, Berardino and Giovanna, followed by Carmine, Michele Jr., and Mario, who infused the business with fresh energy while preserving the traditions that defined it. Currently in 2023 Berardino and Michele Jr work alongside their father Michele to continue the baking traditions with hopes of passing the baking trade along to their children and nieces/nephews.

A Legacy of Flavors, Now Delivered Nationwide

Varallo Brothers Bakery has stood the test of time, becoming a staple for Philadelphians and all those who seek traditional Italian pastries. From our signature cannoli, available in six delectable varieties, to our pioneering Zuppa Inglese, our creations are a celebration of Italian culinary artistry.
Today, we’re thrilled to bring our authentic Italian pastries to doorsteps nationwide, ensuring that every home can enjoy a slice of our rich heritage, meticulously crafted pastries, and the authentic flavors of Italy.
Join us in celebrating our journey, our family, and the timeless flavors of Italy with every bite from Varallo Brothers Bakery.
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