Varallo Brother Bakery has been featured on the Food Network TV show, "Best Thing I Ever Ate" Season 7, Episode 11 'Philadelphia' for its famous pastries and cannoli

Varallo Brother Bakery has been featured on CBS News, 'Top Pastries in Philadelphia'

Wedding Cakes featured in The Knot, a wedding planning website

"Really great variety of Italian pastries and gelato!"

“Really great variety of Italian pastries and gelato! Everything looked tasty so it was really hard to choose. I ended up getting an original cannoli and it was on par with other amazing cannolis in Philly like Isgro and Termini Bros. The workers were also super friendly. Would definitely recommend this place!”

Madeline at Yelp.com

May 17, 2022

“A Food Network favorite that lives up to the hype!”

“I was greeted by a couple of friendly ladies as well some Italian music from the speakers. So many baked items, so little time! Loved the cafe feel and vibe and they also have Gelato made on location! Did I mention they have so many cakes, cookies , pies etc. but I was here for the Cannolis. Specifically, the ones featured on the Best Thing I ever Ate. I got two of those. For sure some of the best Cannolis I've ever had and lived up to the billing... A Food Network favorite that lives up to the hype!”

Dan (Yelp Elite Member) at Yelp.com

July 13, 2021

“The Zeppole was fantastic.”

“This is the only bakery open after dinner so we figured we'd give it a try Gelato was fantastic. The stracciatella tastes fresh & delicious Pastry was also. very good. Highly recommend the Pistachio cannoli. The Zeppole was fantastic. Grabbed a few biscotti for the next days coffee and was not disappointed. The service was great too. Very polite sweet girls working in there!”

Mia at Yelp.com

April 26, 2021

"Delicious and beautiful cannolis!"

“Delicious and beautiful cannolis! I'm usually not a huge fan of cannolis as I find them heavy, but these were light and not too sweet. We split the pistachio, house special, and chocolate ricotta; each had its own enjoyable flavor. Friendly staff as well.”

Sonali at Yelp.com

April 7, 2021

“Without a doubt, some of my favorite desserts can be found at Varallo's bakery.”

“Italian bakery with delicious cakes, cookies, pastries, gelato and coffee. Without a doubt, some of my favorite desserts can be found at Varallo's bakery. Their ricotta cannolis, their apple fritters, their cheesecake, their sfogliatella, and their chocolate ring cake are all so very good. That was just a short list of my favorites. There are so many more desserts to choose from. They also have pizza and the best croissants. Rosa and family are the nicest, warmest people. This is definitely a bakery you will want to visit. I had to add this. Today, I had the best zeppole. It's like a giant cream puff and it is filled with ricotta cheese filling or custard. Of course, I chose the ricotta cheese filled because that's my favorite. I would highly recommend either one because it is seasonal and so very good.”

Linda (Local Guide/240 reviews) at Google.com

April, 2021

“I ordered a cappuccino which was outstanding...The cannoli was a wonderful treat!!”

“While walking around I desperately wanted coffee and was intrigued when I saw Varallo's sign saying it has the best cannoli in South Philly so I decided to stop in. I ordered a cappuccino which was outstanding. The foam was so fluffy and the espresso packed strong flavor. It was by far one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had. While I was there I decided to try the regular cannoli which turned out to be a great decision. The cannoli shell is so fresh and crisp and the cream is a beautiful consistency. The chocolate pieces add just the right hint of chocolate and sweetness. The cannoli was a wonderful treat!! The staff working there were very sweet. A great place and one I will definitely return to soon.”

Marissa (Yelp Elite Member) at Yelp.com

November 18, 2020

“Great Italian pastries”

“Stopped at Varallo Bros. and bought a cannoli, 2 lobster tails, 2 almond cookies, and a mini pie. Everything was scrumptious. I am a cannoli lover and this one was one of the best outside of Palermo, Sicily. The inside of the shell was coated in dark chocolate so it was still crunchy. Filling was excellent. We will come back.”

Ronald at TripAdvisor.com

October 2020

“The best”

“In my opinion, this is the best south philly has to give. They not only have the bakery which serves the best sweets in town but they have the restaurant next store. Give it a try, you will keep coming back for more.”

nohomesick at TripAdvisor.com

August 2020

“The pastries are real deal Italian pastries.”

“This is a very cute mom and pop shop. The pastries are real deal Italian pastries. These are the closest to the pastries from my childhood in Italy. The owners are very nice and you can tell they love their customers. The regulars were coming in and out the whole time we were there...”

Lucy (Yelp Elite Member) at Yelp.com

March 11, 2020

“I love it!!! ...I can't wait to go there again.”

“It is a very traditional Italian bakery. I love it!!! It is a friendly place to get a coffee and a large variety of traditional Italian cookies, delicious cannoli and a lot of Italian cream cakes. Italian figs cookies are very tasty, but I love tiramisu, too! The cheesecake is one of the best I've tasted!!! I like it for a good breakfast Italian style. Really like Varallo brothers bakery. I can't wait to go there again.”

Michela at Yelp.com

November 3, 2018

“Amazing pastries, cookies and cakes I cannot drive by there without stopping...”

“Amazing pastries, cookies and cakes I cannot drive by there without stopping for an expresso and a cannoli their strawberry Shortcake and Italian rum cake are the best.”

Filippo at Google.com

September 2018

“Old school Italian Bakery”

“I found the old fashion Italian Easter eggs there! This bakery brings me right back to my Grandparents Kitchen love it!”

Donna at Yelp.com

March 15, 2018

“Best Cannoli!”

“Best Cannoli we have ever had ! Had the Hazelnut Cannoli with Nutella Ricotta,it was amazing and my son had a milk chocolate one with regular cream. Both were amazing and so worth it!!!”

Chelsea at TripAdvisor.com

November 12, 2017

“This is a top notch, old school, Italian pastry shop.”

“I have been coming here for many years and even though there is no shortage of top quality Italian Bakery/Pastry shops in the neighborhood, Varallo is my personal favorite. Weather you're getting a cannoli, rum cake, or some cookies, you can't go wrong here. On top of this, they make a great cappuccino!”

Adam at Yelp.com

November 6, 2017

“1 visit turned me into regular Customer!”

“I was just coming to philly to visit my relatives and we walked past this bakery just off passyunk. Its AMAZING! Its a traditional Italian bakery with the best cannolis I've ever had! And the zepole is phenomenal and i loved their gelato to! They legit had pinoli cookie gelato! It tasted just like the cookie but is a soft serve like form it was mind blowing!!!!”

Kpotrzuski at TripAdvisor.com

July 29, 2017

“The Best Bakery In South Philly”

“What a Large selection of Italian Pastries cannolis are fantastic ricotta italian cream, special with ricotta strega liquor and whipped cream, pistachio, banana creme, and chocolate ricotta my mouth is watering cookies cakes and fresh made Italian Gelato friendly staff and GREAT PRICES WHAT A PLACE...”

Tasterjoe at TripAdvisor.com

November 12, 2017

“I love coming here.”

“The cannoli is awesome, as one would expect, and other things I've had have been equally awesome. I like to try different things each time, but the cannoli is always there if I need it - or if I want to take something home for a late night snack.”

Christopher at Yelp.com

November 8, 2015

“Absolutely the best on the East Coast!”

“You feel in Italy when you talk to Mrs. Rosa and Mister Varallo!! And then there are their cannoli and their sfogliatelle!! A great place also to stop for an espresso and a chat!”

Cecilia at Yelp.com

August 17, 2014

“Great Italian Pastries Cookies”

“OMG the pastries are to die for. The cannoli, just melt in your mouth. They give you that burst of Italian flavor with each bite. Sweet, creamy essence that brings you to Italy itself. Great variety of Italian wedding cookies just like my mother makes. The Sfogliatelle and Baba Rum are a must try with the cannoli. The best part is that they are open 7 days a week 7 AM to 9 PM just the right time for dessert.”


July 22, 2014

“Holy cannoli!”

“You know you're in a good Italian bakery when all the customers are old Italian people getting their pastries there day after day (one of the customers ahead of me was super friendly w the ppl behind the counter and said he'd see them tomorrow). Day after st Patrick's, we tried the green cannoli ( just a hint of pistachio flavor) and of course the regular ( I always try the regular cannoli to gauge how good an Italian bakery is). I dare say the filling may be better than termini bros. but the shell was a tad softer than termini and so broke apart earlier during the eating process. They do have the cannoli prefilled. Nonetheless, it was delicious and definitely worth trying.”

Sheila at Yelp.com

May 26, 2014

“You'll think you died and went to heaven!!”

“This Pasticceria is to die for!! As soon as you walk through the doors you're in heaven!! The presentation is absolutely beautiful from gelato to cookies and then the grand finale, pies and cakes!! It's quite obvious that the Varrallo family puts lotsa love into everything they make and we truly thank them for it every time we bite into one of their delectable treats!! They have a wide array of deserts, some of which that are made from rare old world recipes that are just incredible!!!! Next time you're in South Philly, stop by Varrallo's Pasticceria!! They're open until 9pm every night!! I know you're going to love this place so don't forget to thank me for the tip...lol!! Enjoy!!”

Sheila at Yelp.com

April 26, 2014

“Cheesecake is sooo light.”

“Bring half of this cake in a giant Tupperware to the party; you'll soon discover who is in your inner (half) circle.”

K. at Yelp.com

March 17, 2014

“One of the best S.Philly bakeries!”

“Excellent cannolis; amazing fig-chocolate bars! One of the few Italian bakeries that sells bread(which is great) as well as pastries. So many choices too. Patient, friendly staff will guide you in the right direction. If it wasn't for Fountain Porter down the block I may never have discovered this gem.”

Rich at Yelp.com

February 21, 2014

“I love u guys!!!”

“The cannolli is the best. I travel all the way from north philly 4 it!!??:)”

Chanel at Google.com

November, 2013

“They always have the best of everything there and appreciate your business.”

David at Google.com

October, 2013

“Cannoli: best in Philly.”

“I like them all: ricotta, vanilla, chocolate Assorted Italian cookies: Christmas staple in my household Sfogliatelle: amazing! Tomato pie: "Just like your mom-mom made it" Gelato: decent enough to do the trick Other cakes and pies: delicious. Enough said. I was helping out with a family friend's wedding years ago and I ordered the wedding cake from Varallo. We were supposed to pick up the cake and transport it to the reception venue, but due to an unforeseen circumstance we couldn't do so at the last minute. Thankfully, they offered a delivery. FYI, they are cash-only. And be there early on holidays because sometimes the line can span out of the door.”

Fransisca at Yelp.com

March 25, 2013

“Everything was amazing!”

“Don't know what took me so long to find this place. I have been to what i previously thought was all of the South Philly bakeries. Well, I saved the best for last. Stopped in on Sunday and bought (1) cannoli (1) St. Joseph's Cake and (1) Italian Cream/Rum Cake. I was more than pleased with all of my purchases. Everything was amazing! This is bound to become my go to place. Let's keep all of our local businesses alive!”

Karen at Yelp.com

March 16, 2013

“Best cannoli in all of Philly!”

Rianna J. at Foursquare.com

July 9, 2012

“Mmmm Canollis”

“Picked up two of each flavor of cannoli for a party, and tasted a few on them, they were excellent. Before this place I never like a cannoli, now I can say that I enjoy them very much if they are made right, and this place makes them right.”

noxiousburrito at TripAdvisor.com

August 8, 2012

“Best cannoli in all of Philly!”

Rianna J. at Foursquare.com

July 9, 2012

“Try Everything, it's authentic and delicious Italian pasticceria.”

Raymond J. at Foursquare.com

February 11, 2012

“A real bakery...”

“Let's bring dessert...or have dessert there... A real bakery...cakes, cannoli's, cookies, coffee...pastries...Varallo's has all the dessert you need... A must stop when visiting Philadelphia!”

Linda H. at TripAdvisor.com

April 4, 2012

“Authenitc Italian Baking at Varallo Brothers.”

“The ladies are very warm and helpful. What a great experience I had there. My favorite is the Pistaccio Bars. Ummph! Drop in, have a cup of coffee and find your favorite!”

Mavis D. at Yelp.com

February 27, 2012

“Everything is brilliantly well balanced...”

“You need a cappuccino made by Rosa in your life. There are not too many of life's injustices that a sip from the Chalice de Varallo can't right. Try a cannoli, try a sfogliatelle, try a fig bar...it really doesn't matter. There is nothing in the bakery which isn't ridiculously perfect. The old world interpretation of sweet is the antithesis of it's sacrine American counterpart. Everything is brilliantly well balanced, and should be enjoyed as frequently as possible. Did I mention they have gelato for the summer?”

Francis U. at Yelp.com

May 23, 2012

“Old school neighborhood italian bakery”

“We had been to this bakery in South Philly before. It's not on a main street, so we had to hunt a bit, but were glad we found it. It was Christmas eve morning and we wanted to bring some cannolis with us for a gathering. The line was out the door. Many were from the neighborhood, regulars who the... ”

profegringo at TripAdvisor.com

January 7, 2012

“I ordered the cookies, cannoli and the biscotti...and all arrived fresh and in perfect, gift condition.”

“I just ordered some of their sweet delicacies online and had them delivered to my brother. He loved them...almost as much as I do! I ordered the cookies, cannoli and the biscotti...and all arrived fresh and in perfect, gift condition. A great way to wish someone happy birthday!”

Amy F. at Yelp.com

September 29, 2011

“It was AMAZING!!! Everyone loved it.”

“I live around the corner from this bakery so I take it for granted sometimes. I bought a cheesecake with chocolate-covered strawberries and oranges yesterday to bring to my in-laws' house for dinner. It was AMAZING!!! Everyone loved it. I will not take Varallo's for granted anymore. Their prices are great, there's hardly ever a line, and they are open pretty late everyday.”

Jeannette A. at Yelp.com

November 22, 2010

“Varallo Bros. features the best cannoli in Philadelphia.”

“How do I know? I had a cannoli-off. Cannolis are a form of currency in my office. When I really need help with a project, sometimes you simply have to offer someone a cannoli in order to get what you need. And when a cannoli is on the line, people move. This is why it was essential that I know where the best cannoli in Philadelphia is - my job is on the line! I have had cannolis from DiBruno Bros., Termini Bros., and Isgro Non-Bros. (a.k.a. Isgro Pastries). For a while, DiBruno Bros. was my clear favorite. But one day, while tailgating before a Phillies game I was able to experience both Varallo Bros. and DiBruno Bros. cannolis go head-to-head. Varallo's flavor is more evocative of ricotta cheese. It has a sublte, slight sharp, almost fragrant flavor. While DiBruno Bros. cannolis are good, they bash you over the head with sweetness and cream. Tastes good but not nearly as delicate. Go to Varallo Bros. and get yourself a cannoli!”

Phil T. at Yelp.com

October 22, 2010

“Gelato is great

“Gelato is great here and it's open till 9. Three scoops for 4.50 ”

Bryan P. at Foursquare.com

March 29, 2010


I LOVE Varallo Bros. Bakery!!! They have the cheapest prices compared to other bakeries and an amazing amount of different varieties of pastries. Not to mention two cases full of different cookies that make your mouth water (which is great for getting ready to pop one in)! Not only a piece of heaven but definitly a chunk of ITALY itself! You have to try it for yourself you won't be disappointed. Thanks to everyone at Varallo's for working so hard...”

Hailee at MerchantCircle.com

December 24, 2009

“My favorite cannoli”

“My favorite cannoli. Anywhere. (Sorry, Nonni) Recently had one on a stroll through the neighborhood after living on the west coast for a couple years (where the basic idea of a cannoli is a taco shell with cream cheese - ew), and they're better than ever. It's a damn shame the TSA won't let you take food as a carry-on anymore, otherwise I'd take `em with me! Guess everyone back home will just have to come visit..”

Jared G. at Yelp.com

December 6, 2009

“Varallo Brothers Bakery Inc is worth the drive!”

“I am from Glen Mills, PA, I fight the traffic on I-95 to get there, and Varallo's is worth the drive every time! Their cannollis are second to none! The people who work there are friendly, too!”

Lisa S. at InsiderPages.com

July 22, 2009

“Varallo Brothers is the best, hands down!”

“I have been going to Varallo Brothers bakery for the past six years and travel from Downingtown to South Philly(42 miles each way). Their canollis are outstanding, cookies are top notch and their variety of pastries with italian creme(my favorite!) are second to none. Fresh fruit-topped, etc. There is NOTHING in the suburbs that can come close to Varallo. I wish they would open a store in Chester County.”

Andy W. at InsiderPages.com

December 29, 2008

“Delicious cookies and pastries!”

“I went to Varallo's to get cookies and pastries and they were really outstanding. Much better prices than Isgro's & Termini's and the owners were very friendly. Next time you are looking for pastries and cookies I would highly recommend Varallo's.”

Anita D. at InsiderPages.com

December 10, 2008

“Absolutely luscious”

“They have the best connolis and tiramisu I have ever tasted. I drive 30 minutes frim where I kive to get their pastries. Prices are a little steep but the quality of the pastries is second to none.”

Donna T. at InsiderPages.com

September 10, 2008

“Love their Napolean”

“ Varallo Bakery is a famous for their Napolean. A napolean is a tasty treat that has the same flavors as the italian cream cake but with a flaky crust. THey also great fresh baked bread which is so tasty can be eaten without any condiments. They have decent cookies which are so different from the ones you get in the grocery stores.”

Samrat at mojopages.com

August 28, 2006

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