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Amaretti: The Quintessential Italian Almond Macaroon in South Philadelphia

When you step into Varallo Brothers Bakery, it’s more than just a visit to a bakery—it’s an intimate journey through Italy’s rich culinary heritage. Leading the way on this delectable tour is the Amaretti, Italy’s cherished almond macaroon.

The Soul of Italian Confectionery

Deeply rooted in Italian baking traditions, the Amaretti cookie encapsulates the warmth, love, and passion synonymous with Italian kitchens. These delicate cookies are crafted with a blend of sugar, egg whites, and ground almonds, producing a texture and flavor that’s truly unparalleled.

A Dance of Delicacy and Depth

Lightly crisp on the outside with a soft, chewy center, the Amaretti offers a tantalizing contrast of textures. The rich, nutty almond flavor, complemented by a hint of sweetness, ensures that each bite is a delightful escape to Italy’s sun-kissed shores.

Exclusively at Varallo Brothers Bakery

Our Amaretti isn’t just another treat—it’s a statement of authenticity. Reserved exclusively for our esteemed guests at our South Philadelphia location, each cookie is a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of Italian baking.
Embark on an Italian culinary adventure with Varallo Brothers Bakery. Allow our Amaretti to transport you to picturesque Italian villages, where every morsel is crafted with love, pride, and tradition.