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Taralli Tin

Savor the Crunch of Tradition: Fresh Taralli from Varallo Brothers Bakery

Step into a delightful Italian tradition with our Fresh Taralli. Handcrafted right here in South Philadelphia, each Taralli brings forth a tantalizing taste experience reminiscent of Italian family gatherings and sun-drenched Mediterranean afternoons.

A Bite of Authenticity

Taralli, often hailed as Italy’s answer to the pretzel, is more than just a snack; it’s a bite-sized piece of history. Crispy, subtly seasoned, and beautifully golden, our Taralli perfectly embodies the flavors that have made it a beloved staple across Italian homes for centuries.

Crafted with Precision

Each Taralli at Varallo Brothers Bakery is made following age-old recipes, ensuring that you get nothing but authentic flavor and texture. Enjoy them as a perfect accompaniment to your favorite wine or simply as a delightful snack on their own.

Italian Tradition, Philadelphia Heart

Right from our oven to your table, our Fresh Taralli promises an Italian culinary journey like no other, without ever leaving Philadelphia. Whether you’re introducing your taste buds to Taralli for the first time or reminiscing about a trip to Italy, our Fresh Taralli is sure to transport you straight to the Italian coast.
Visit us at Varallo Brothers Bakery and take a bite into tradition with our Fresh Taralli.
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