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Zuppa Inglese


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Italy’s Cherished Dessert, Now Just a Click Away

Experience the sheer decadence of Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Zuppa Inglese, a classic Italian dessert that speaks volumes of the rich culinary tapestry of Italy. Crafted with dedication, and now available for online ordering, we ensure that this iconic dessert reaches your doorstep with all its flavors intact.

Savor the Layers

Our Zuppa Inglese is a delightful play of textures and flavors. Soft sponge cake layers, kissed with the boldness of liqueur, alternate with silky custard, culminating in a masterpiece adorned with the distinctive touch of alchermes.

A Dessert with a Tale

Though its name translates to “English Soup”, Zuppa Inglese is undeniably Italian, drawing its roots from the kitchens of the Renaissance. It’s not just a dessert; it’s history, passion, and tradition in a bowl. Order the Zuppa Inglese now and let Varallo Brothers Bakery transport you to the romantic landscapes of Italy, with a dessert that’s been cherished through the ages.