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Baba Rum

Plain, Italian Cream

Baba Rum: A Delectable Dive into Authentic Italian Delight

Welcome to the world of Baba Rum, an indulgence that beckons the heart of Italy to the vibrant streets of Philadelphia. At Varallo Brothers Bakery, we’ve passionately recreated this classic Neapolitan dessert, ensuring each bite encapsulates centuries of Italian baking tradition.

A Symphony of Flavors

Our Baba Rum comes in two exquisite variants:
  • Plain: This version reveres the simplicity of the classic. Soft, spongy, and generously soaked in rum, every morsel is a celebration of flavors, offering a melt-in-the-mouth experience.
  • Italian Cream: For those who seek an extra layer of indulgence, our Italian Cream Baba Rum promises just that. The same luscious rum-soaked delight, but with an added heart of creamy, velvety Italian custard that complements the rum’s sweetness beautifully.

Crafted with Passion

Every Baba Rum at Varallo Brothers Bakery is crafted meticulously, respecting age-old Italian techniques. Using the finest ingredients and allowing each cake the time it needs to soak in the rum’s richness, we ensure a taste that’s both authentic and memorable.

Experience Italy, One Bite at a Time

For those who’ve wandered the streets of Naples or dreamt of it, our Baba Rum offers a taste of that Italian magic. Let each bite transport you to those sun-kissed Italian landscapes, reminding you of the sweet side of life.
Visit us in-store and embark on an Italian journey like no other with our Baba Rum. Your taste buds deserve this treat!