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Chocolate, Vanilla

Napoleons: A Symphony of Layers and Flavors at Varallo Brothers Bakery

Experience the pinnacle of pastry artistry with our Napoleons—a decadent treat that weaves together delicate layers of puff pastry with velvety cream to create a dessert that’s nothing short of magical.

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Twist

Our Napoleons come in two enticing flavors:

  • Vanilla Napoleon: Dive into a world of pure indulgence with our Vanilla Napoleon. Between each flaky layer lies a silky sea of classic vanilla cream, offering a harmonious balance of subtlety and richness.
  • Chocolate Napoleon: For those with a penchant for cocoa, our Chocolate Napoleon is the ultimate treat. The velvety chocolate cream nestled between the layers adds a depth of flavor that’s irresistibly decadent, making each bite an ode to chocolate lovers.

An Italian Masterpiece

Meticulously handcrafted, each Napoleon is a tribute to the fine art of Italian patisserie. Using traditional techniques combined with the freshest ingredients, we ensure that every bite is a moment of sheer pleasure.

A Culinary Journey Through Layers

The joy of a Napoleon lies in its layers. As you navigate through the flaky pastry, you’re treated to the smooth creaminess of the filling, culminating in a taste sensation that’s both textured and refined.
Elevate your dessert experience with the Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Napoleons. Step into our Philadelphia store and be swept away by a dessert that is as delightful to the eyes as it is to the palate.
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