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Three Old World Italian Favorites


Old World Italian Cookie Assortment Tin

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Our Italian Cookie Classics

Delight in the nostalgic essence of Italy with Varallo Brothers Bakery’s exclusive Old World Italian Cookie Assortment Tin. This curated selection of Pinoli nut, Amaretti, and Pasticcini cookies is a testament to time-honored baking traditions and the warmth of Italian hospitality.

The Quintessential Italian Trio:

  • Pinoli Nut Cookies: Savour the rich, piney flavor and soft, chewy texture, punctuated by the distinct crunch of pine nuts—a true Italian indulgence.
  • Amaretti Cookies: Crisp on the outside with a chewy almond heart, these cookies carry the sweet, aromatic flavors of almond with a delightful macaroon-like texture.
  • Pasticcini Cookies: Enjoy the light, delicate pastry filled with an array of classic flavors, a perfect accompaniment to a cup of espresso or sweet wine.
Crafted with Love and Tradition: Each cookie in our assortment tin is crafted with the finest ingredients and generations of Italian baking expertise. We honor the old-world recipes that have brought joy to family gatherings for centuries. A Taste of Italy in Every Tin: Presented in a beautifully designed 2-lb tin, our cookie assortment makes for an elegant gift or a luxurious treat for yourself. The artfully arranged selection captures the spirit of Italian ‘dolce vita’. Delivered with Care: Your Italian cookie experience shouldn’t be compromised by distance. That’s why we ensure each tin is packed with care for nationwide shipping, bringing the best of Italy to your doorstep with no compromise on freshness or quality. Indulge in a symphony of flavors and textures with Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Old World Italian Cookie Assortment Tin. Order now and partake in a centuries-old Italian tradition, one cookie at a time.
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