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Fig Bars


Fig Bars: Authentic Italian Delight, Delivered Direct to You

From the heart of South Philadelphia to your home, Varallo Brothers Bakery presents the online exclusive: our premium Fig Bars. Experience an Italian delicacy, now available for nationwide delivery.

An Explosion of Flavor

Dive into a rich fig core, crafted to perfection. Our Fig Bars go beyond the ordinary with a filling that is deep in flavor, encapsulating the very essence of fine Italian baking.

Perfectly Balanced Crust

While the filling impresses with its richness, the exterior of our Fig Bars offers a gentle crispness. It’s a tender crust that holds the delicious fig center, ensuring a delightful contrast in every bite.

A Full Fig Experience

Break away from the constraints of boxed bars. Our Fig Bars are complete, end-to-end masterpieces, handcrafted to provide an unparalleled tasting journey. Order of Six, A Treat Multiplied: Each online order of our Fig Bars comes with six full-sized treats. This ensures that the luxurious taste lingers, allowing you to savor the Italian excellence across multiple indulgent moments. Relish in the sumptuous layers of Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Fig Bars. Place your order today and let every bite transport you to the sun-kissed orchards of Italy.