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Coda Di Daragosta aka “Lobster Tail”


Italy’s Iconic Lobster Tail Pastry, Now Delivered to Your Door

Welcome to the online home of Varallo Brothers Bakery’s renowned Coda Di Aragosta. Expertly crafted in the heart of South Philadelphia, this iconic Italian dessert can now grace your table, no matter where you are. An Italian Classic at Your Fingertips: With layers of delicately rolled pastry surrounding a creamy heart, the Lobster Tail pastry is a culinary artwork, ready to be savored.

Choose Your Filling:

  • Ricotta: Rich in texture and flavor, the ricotta filling adds depth and authenticity to the pastry, making each bite a revelation.
  • Vanilla: For those with a penchant for classic flavors, our velvety vanilla filling is a dream come true, elevating the dessert to new heights.
Order your Coda Di Aragosta today and dive into layers of Italian heritage, lovingly baked and delivered with care from our bakery to your home.