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Journey to Southern Italy with Every Bite

From the rustic streets of Italy straight to your doorstep, Varallo Brothers Bakery is proud to introduce its exquisite Pasticciotti. This traditional Italian gem combines the tenderness of cookie dough with rich, creamy fillings that are the very essence of Italian indulgence.

A Confectionery Dream:

  • Artful Dough: Crafted to perfection, our cookie dough encases the lush filling with just the right thickness, offering a delightful crunch followed by the creaminess of the filling.
  • Creamy Choices: Choose between the timeless richness of Baked Italian Cream or the tangy allure of Lemon Cream. Each filling promises a unique experience, transporting you to the vibrant cafes along Italy’s coastline.
The Perfect Treat, Anytime, Anywhere: Whether it’s an evening dessert, a midday treat, or an accompaniment to your morning coffee, our Pasticciotti offers the taste of tradition and quality that Varallo Brothers Bakery is celebrated for. Experience Authentic Italian Craftsmanship: With nationwide shipping, we ensure that every Pasticciotto reaches you in its freshest form, preserving the authenticity of its flavors. Each order is carefully packed to capture the warmth of our ovens and the love of our bakers. Dive deep into a sensory journey with the Pasticciotti. Order now and relish the authentic taste of Italy, delivered straight to your home.