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Order Italian Torrone Online: Italy’s Nougat Treasure Delivered to Your Door

Elevate your confectionery journey with Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Fresh Torrone—an authentic Italian nougat candy that weaves together the sweetest traditions of Italy.

Embrace the Festive Spirit of Italy

Celebrate the essence of Italian Christmases with our Torrone candy. Skillfully made using a blend of honey, sugar, egg whites, and roasted almonds, our Torrone offers a delightful chewiness, interwoven with crunchy nutty surprises.

Genuine Italian Torrone, Just a Click Away

We bring to your table a 1-lb block of this exquisite Italian nougat candy, ensuring every bite is a trip to the heart of Italy’s festive streets. (Remember, all weights are approximate.)

Nationwide Delivery, Italian Luxury

Enjoy the legacy of Italian confectionery no matter where you are in the U.S. Carefully packaged and promptly delivered, our Torrone ensures an impeccable taste experience with each order. Step into the world of traditional Italian sweets with Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Fresh Torrone. Order now and let the sublime flavors of this Italian nougat candy enchant your palate.
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