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Taralli Tin


Taralli Tin: Experience Italy’s Beloved Savory Circles, Delivered Directly

Embark on an authentic Italian culinary journey without leaving your home. With Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Taralli Tin, savor the traditional taste of these iconic snacks, a staple in Italian households, now brought to you from the heart of South Philadelphia.

Savoring Italian Tradition, One Circle at a Time

Taralli, often referred to as Italy’s answer to the pretzel, holds a special place in the Italian snacking repertoire. Our Taralli are a tribute to this age-old tradition, crafted meticulously to ensure every crunch resonates with genuine Italian flavor.

Crunchy Goodness with a Hint of Olive Oil

Each Taralli is baked to golden perfection, delivering a unique crunch that’s both satisfying and addictive. Infused with quality olive oil and a whisper of white wine, they offer a nuanced flavor profile that’s unmistakably Italian.

Elegance in Every Tin

The Taralli Tin from Varallo Brothers Bakery isn’t just about the snack; it’s about the complete experience. Housed in a bespoke tin, each Taralli retains its crispness and flavor, making it ideal for gifting, sharing, or enjoying solo during your moments of relaxation.

Authentic Italian Snacking, Shipped Nationwide

Wherever you’re located in the U.S., a taste of Italy is just a few clicks away. Our dedicated shipping process guarantees the freshness and integrity of the Taralli, ensuring you experience them just as they were intended. Reconnect with Italian culinary traditions with Varallo Brothers Bakery’s Taralli Tin. Order now and delve into the delightful crunch of these savory Italian rings.
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