Italian Cookies

Dive into Authentic Italian Delights in the Heart of Philadelphia

Varallo Brothers Bakery: A South Philadelphia Gem Stepping into our bakery isn’t just about making a purchase – it’s about experiencing a slice of Italy in South Philadelphia. The warm, enticing aroma of our freshly-baked Italian cookies welcomes you, promising a treat that transcends taste.

Experience Italy, One Bite at a Time:

  • Pinoli Nut: Revel in the rich, nutty textures and authentic flavors that speak of Italian tradition.
  • Amaretti: Soft, chewy, and filled with the essence of sweet almonds.
  • Italian Stuffed: A delightful surprise awaits in every bite of these sumptuous treats.
  • Taralli: Crispy and savory – a timeless classic.
  • Butter Cookies: Delicate, buttery goodness that melts in the mouth.

Discover More in Store

Every visit offers something new. Our dedicated staff, passionate about the art of baking, are always ready to assist, recommend, and share a bit about the legacy behind each treat.

Celebrate Italian Traditions with Varallo

Visit us today and let every bite transport you straight to the heart of Italy, all while enjoying the warm and inviting ambiance of our historic bakery.
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